CSNDG – Karibou

SUMMER SESSION (from June 24 to August 18, 2019)

The schedule may change with notice due to events and without notice for reasons beyond our control.

Registration periods:

Online registration from 06:00 am to midnight:
June 10th and 11th 2019, 2019 for residents of CDN-NDG AND from June 12th to June 16th, 2019 for all.

Registration in person from 09:00 am to 08:00 pm: 
For those who need help, come in person between 09:00 am and 08:00 pm during the above mentioned registration periods.

Important note: To see the current session program, please click on the buttons Download the pamphlet (view / download / print the program from our website) or Register (will take you directly to our registration platform where you will have access to our program and register).

Download the pamphlet
Cheeky ChicksRegister

Age: 12-16 months | Cost: $60 | Duration: 8 weeks 

Bouncing BunniesRegister

Age: 16-20 months | Cost: $60 | Duration: 8 weeks 

Rascally RaccoonsRegister

Age: 20-24 months | Cost: $60 | Duration: 8 weeks 

Buddy BearsRegister

Age: 2-2 years and 1/2 | Cost: $60 | Duration: 8 weeks 

Wonder WolvesRegister

Age: 2 years and 1/2-3 years | Cost: $60 | Duration: 8 weeks 

Feisty Foxes | Register

Age: 3-4 years | Cost: $60 | Duration: 8 weeks  | Key: B = Baskeball, S = Soccer and D = Dance

Energetic EaglesRegister

Age: 4-5 years | Cost: $60 | Duration: 8 weeks 

This 50-minute parent-child program, led by our psychomotor trainers, aims to integrate toddlers into an environment that facilitates the awakening of their psychomotor skills. The environment is very stimulating, welcoming and accompanied by music. The use of balloons, hoops, maracas and other specialized accessories support the themes.

Three options for Feisty Foxes (3 to 4 years old): soccer, basketball and dance. These activities are part of the current program to introduce children to new motor skills that are useful in the practice of these sports. Note that these options are not specialized programs, 15 minutes per session will be devoted to the option. The Energetic Eagles (4 to 5 years old) will discover different sports such as soccer, basketball and hockey with proven educational tools.


  • Children must follow the levels according to their age.
  • Each child must be accompanied by a parent.

Thanks to our proud partners (the city of Montreal Child Policy):

  • City of Montreal
  • Sports Montreal