Artistic Swimming Club

Aquatic Club registration

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To become a member of our artistic swimming club, your child must participate in a trial session ($10 per athlete).

This session allows us to assess your child’s level of comfort in the water. Afterwards, we will advise you in which training group your child should enroll.

To be eligible, all athletes must be comfortable swimming in deep water. We recruit new athletes at the beginning of each session, in August/September and January.

For any information request, please contact us by email at synchro_lscdn(at)hotmail(dot)com.

IMPORTANT: Registration prices include training only.

You will have to assume additional costs during the session such as affiliation to the Fédération de Natation Artistique du Québec (compulsory for all swimmers, varying between $20 and $60 per athlete depending on their training group). For competitive groups, you will also incur a mandatory competition entry and competition swimsuit fee.

The artistic swimming club brings together 30 athletes from 8 to 16 years old, of different levels. For this season, we have 4 different training teams: two teams that train recreationally one session per week, and two teams that train competitively with two sessions per week.